There are approximately 800 Million users on Facebook and it is by all means an advertising heaven for all businesses. If you have a budget for CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising or if you are already spending on search and display advertising, you should by all means consider advertising on Facebook.

These days nearly everybody who is online is on Facebook so every product that is sold can sell on Facebook. Facebook advertising is different from search and display advertising in a way that it can be used to target people with specific Demographics and Psychographics with further drill down to their marital and educational status. Facebook offers two types of advertising .Cost per Click and Cost per thousand impressions.

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Carv Info Solutions offer you complete services for serving and managing your ads on Facebook right from ad creation, target setting, creative, optimization and management of ads. We help you realize your goal and provide you complete management and consultancy to reduce your costs and increase your profits.

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Making your Presence on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and advertising on them.
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Complete care taking from Domain, Hosting to Design and Development.
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Complete catering of your Internet Marketing and Viral E-mail marketing Campaigns.
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