FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions?)

Q1. Does my business really in need of a website?

A1. Website in today's world is not a luxury anymore. Website is a necessity for every business these days. With more and more people turning to the internet for the day to day requirements and researching online for every product or service they buy businesses can't ignore being absent on the internet. Internet now being available on mobiles has made it reachable to millions of people who do not even posses a computer. Now if your business goal needs more business or visibility you have to have a website.

Q2. What are domain names and what are the extensions like .com,.co.uk or .in?

A2. Just like the physical address of any shop or office makes it possible for people to reach your shop or office, domain names allow people to reach your website. Domain names are addresses of your website. People go to the internet open a browser like Internet Explorer and type your domain name to reach your website. Domain name extensions are reflection of type of business you are running and in what country. Domain name extensions like .com tell you are a commercial establishment while.org tells that you are an organization. Domain extensions like .in tell you are from India and .co.uk that you are from UK. So when you buy your domain name you have to be cautious on what you are choosing.

Q3. How much does a website cost?

A3. As our business philosophy says that no two businesses are same so the requirements of no two businesses are same. So when it comes to pricing you might have some requirements which are different from other people. To get a quote for your project click here and fill in the details. There are different type of packages also available with predefined work ,you can see them by clicking here. If you want a package with something more, something less or something less contact us by clicking here and please mention the package name.

Q4. What is the procedure of website designing?

A4. Website designing procedure at Carv Info Solutions is very easy. If you want a predefined package which you can see by clicking here you can just go and click the buy now button. If you want custom quote for your work you can get it by clicking here.

On the second step we contact you via email, Skype, Phone, IM or whatever method you approve and discuss your project in greater depth. We do a lot of market research and competitor analysis and prepare a questionnaire after that for you. Your answers help in better understanding your project. We then define the project scope and define an approximate turnaround time for your project. We do a signoff on the project scope, approximate turnaround time and project description and proceed.

On step three all equipped with your information we start our work and start the designing of your website. In this process we are in total contact with you so that the final product (your website) is up to your expectation. Finally we test the product (your website) thoroughly for errors.

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Complete catering of your Internet Marketing and Viral E-mail marketing Campaigns.
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